Redmine 2.5.2 릴리즈

Added by 커뮤니티 관리자 2014-07-10 ago

2014년 7월 6일자로 2.5.2버전이 릴리즈가 되었습니다.

17건의 결함이 수정되었고 Ruby2.1버전에 대한 대응정도이네요.

기능개선 목록입니다.

Defect #3483: Relative url for source links in notifications
Defect #16415: Users get e-mail notification twice, if they are watchers and assignees at the same time.
Defect #16519: Generating a spent time report on a list type custom field with multiple values causes an invalid SQL error
Defect #16564: Repository identifiers can be reserved words
Defect #16619: Mailer.token_for generates invalid message_id when using from address with full name
Defect #16655: start_date not set despite settings[default_issue_start_date_to_creation_date] being set.
Defect #16668: Redmine links broken when object name contains special characters
Defect #16669: Markdown formatter should use the :no_intra_emphasis extension
Defect #16708: Form is submitted when swithing tab
Defect #16739: custom_fields.json only returns single tracker instead of array of trackers
Defect #16747: Remove useless settings when editing a query from the gantt
Defect #16755: Field set as read-only still available in the issues list context menu
Defect #16795: Member#destroy triggers after_destroy callbacks twice
Defect #16798: Custom field - list type - checkboxes - unchecking all - does not save
Defect #16926: Custom field referencing deleted value trigger an error on display
Defect #16989: Inline images in email does not appear when thumbnail macro is used.
Defect #17003: Option to display bool custom fields as a single checkbox
Feature #3177: Add “Check for updates” functionality to installed plugins
Feature #16194: Ruby 2.1 support
Patch #16566: French “text_git_repository_note” translation
Patch #16700: Blank content type for attachments attached via Ajax file upload
Patch #16710: Support for the 1.x versions of mime-types gem
Patch #16781: Crash in markdown formatter causes ruby process to end
Patch #17166: Japanese translation update (plugin update check)
Patch #17301: Czech plugin strings


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